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Surrotec offers a specialized hydrojetting service which is also called ultra-high pressure water blasting. By hydrojetting we easily and environmentally friendly remove various types of coating and debris from both metal as well as concrete surfaces.

Some examples of where we apply our services:


Storage tanks:

Removing the coating from both the outside and inside wall, the roof and the bottom of tanks;

Removing salts and chlorides from the tank bottom and wall in preparation for the application of a new coating;



To remove the coating and / or heavy fouling on the skin;



To remove the coating;



Applicable for both the outside and the inside;


Floors and ceilings:

Ideal for removing a hard floor or ceiling coating;



Locks, windmills, boilers, and in many other locations both onshore and offshore;


Your advantages when applying our ultra-high pressure waterjet services:


  • Dust-free blasting so that people and the environment are not exposed to dangerous particulate matter;

  • Reduction of waste and related costs.

  • The waste water can be extracted, collected and purified by our water purification, leaving only the paint as waste;

  • No risk of sparking, so the objects to be blasted can remain operational in many cases;

  • Possibility to work in an ATEX zone;

  • Very powerful technique where almost all types of pollution and coating types can be removed;

  • An affordable service by our certified and skilled employees;


By means of water jetting at a pressure of 1100 bar with a volume of 340 liter per minute. This in combination with a robot which has been developed specially for this application is a method to selectively remove damages inside concrete surfaces. We hereby apply high pressure pumps of max. 750 kW.

Depending on the hardness of the concrete, the applied reinforcement, the demolition depth to be achieved and the applied capacity of the high-pressure pump, yields of between 0.5 and 1.0 m3 / h can be achieved. Hydrodemolition is often used in parking garages, viaducts and tunnels.


Your advantages when applying hydrodemolition:


  • It is a fast and cost-saving method; 

  • It only removes affected concrete;

  • Prevents cracks in existing concrete;

  • The surface remains clean and rough, so that new concrete adheres well; 

  • Existing reinforcement remains intact (can even be demolished under the reinforcement);

  • Service personnel are not exposed to vibration or dust formation;

  • The noise level is lower than traditional methods;​​



Cold cutting is a process at which water, with addition of some garnet, is put under high pressure and through a nozzle is concentrated on the material to have an erosive effect.

Surrotec provides this service both on tank farms, (petro)chemical sites as well as offshore.  

With our mobile installations it is possible to carry out the cutting work at any desired location.


Some examples of where we apply our technique:

  • Cutting of tank walls and bottoms

  • Cutting through piping

  • Cutting through barrels and columns


Your advantages when applying water jet cutting / cold cutting:


  • It can be applied in a potentially explosive environment, which therefore happens a lot.

  • It is a fast and cost-saving method.

  • In the water jet cutting process there is no heat input into the material.

  • This makes water jet cutting ideal for parts where the structure of the material may not change.

  • Depending on the thickness and conditions, it is possible to cut very accurately with water jet cutting.

  • In addition, there is virtually no burr when cutting and the finishing of the cut is therefore ideal for subsequent welding.

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