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Removal of paint, coating and debris from storage tanks, pipelines, floors and large structures has never been more environmental friendly and efficient.


Surrotec offers a specialized hydrojetting service which is also called ultra-high pressure water blasting. By hydrojetting we easily and environmentally friendly remove various types of coating and debris from both metal as well as concrete surfaces. 


By means of water jetting at a pressure of 1100 bar with a volume of 340 liter per minute. This in combination with a robot which has been developed specially for this application is a method to selectively remove damages inside concrete surfaces. We hereby apply high pressure pumps of max. 750 kW.


Cold cutting is a process at which water, with addition of some garnet, is put under high pressure and through a nozzle is concentrated on the material to have an erosive effect.

Surrotec provides this service both on tank farms, (petro)chemical sites as well as offshore.  

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